Sunday, April 23, 2006

The latest DVDs from the Ukraine have been getting the best reviews. The leaders used to be the pageants and Russian titles, both of which are excellent. However, this new group from the Ukraine seems to be stealing the show. They can be found by visiting the nudist website, and clicking on the "All New" section.

Friday, April 21, 2006 bans Naturist Works

There are now 10 more titles coming out from the Czech Republic, which should arrive here next week, they will posted on the website as soon as they arrive. In addition to those, our new catalog has over 20 new titles. There is so much filming going on around the world that it is hard to keep up but we keep posting the very latest in the New section at

We have video being filmed as I write this blog in the Ukraine, France, Brazil, Russia and the Czech Republic. Naturism is increasingly under attack and I don't know how much longer these Naturist groups will exist but for now things are rolling along at an exciting pace.

The one downside has been that recently banned Naturist DVDs and a book from their listings after years of successful sales. They gave no explanation. However, questions were referred to Adrian Garver, attorney for, who explained that it was not a legal issue but rather a business decision. He seemed to suggest that Naturist material was not welcome at They do however actively market child erotica. Naturist images which present nudity in a non-sexualized manner is however banned at Amazon. Puzzling. The bright spot is that, knock on wood, all other major retailers continue to carry Naturist books, as they have done for decades.

We will be working with the Banned Books group at the ABA to bring attention to Amazon's ban of Naturist material.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Nudist Videos

Nudist Videos from are the only legitimate Naturist DVDs that present people of all ages that are currently being produced. There are a million sites out there recycling the same tired old images but RussiaBare DVDs are being produced as I write this blog. They actually have a videographer working right now in Russia and another in the Ukraine and another in Brazil. All on assignment to create original Family Naturist documentaries.

The Russian one utilizes the girls from the Nudist Teen Web Team for filming and editing. The Ukraine ones feature the families of the Ukraine. The Brazil work is being done at Naturist Resorts there. There is also new films from the Czeck Republic. These films are not available elsewhere. They used to be on Amazon and other retailers but the corporatization of everything has finally caused their removal.
Making them available only through

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Nudist DVD Review

Teen Nudists enjoy the sun in this Russian Naturist DVD at This is the real thing no models -- just real Naturist girls enjoying the naked outdoors.